BIT Virtuemart Product Badges

Example: new and special products
Example: new and discounted products
Variant price modifier:
Salesprice with discount
Sales price: 10,98 €
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BIT Virtuemart Product Badges

Draw the attention of your visitors to new, featured, discounted, discontinued or topseller products!
Or badge individual products or all products of specified categories.

This plugin automatically adds badges (stickers) on the category overview pages, product details pages and Virtuemart modules in your shop.

Version: 3.3.3


  • badge new products
  • specification of the period a product is considered as new
  • badge featured products
  • badge discounted products
  • badge hot products (topsellers)
  • specification of minimum sales for topsellers
  • sales of child products are summed up to the main product
  • badge sold out / low stock products
  • badge discontinued products (only VM3)
  • badge sets of individual products (requires Joomla! 3.6 or newer)
  • badge sets of specified categories (requires Joomla! 3.6 or newer)
  • use included badges or your own images
  • use of multiple badges (even for one product)
  • options for positioning the sticker
  • support of multilingual sites: use of different badges for different languages
  • Version 3.3.3, 04/2024: Bugfix für discount badges with Joomla!4/Joomla!5
  • Version 3.3.2, 05/2023: Bugfix for issue with frontend editing
  • Version 3.3.1, 03/2023: more options for sets of products/categories: support for variants; option for deactivating badges
  • Version 3.3.0, 01/2022: first version compatible with Joomla!4
  • Version 3.2.3, 04/2021: change of class names for badges for individual products and products of categories
  • Version 3.2.2, 12/2020: better handling of selection of individual products
  • Version 3.2.1, 11/2020: bug fix for version 3.2.0
  • Version 3.2.0, 10/2020: option to define unlimited sets for individual products and selected categories
  • Version 3.1.7, 07/2019: javascript placed in body instead of head
  • Version 3.1.6, 01/2019: improved handling of low stock products with variants
  • Version 3.1.5, 08/2018: minor bugfix for variants of dicounted products
  • Version 3.1.4, 03/2018: minor bugfix for dicounted products
  • Version 3.1.3, 12/2017: bugfixes for discontinued products
  • Version 3.1.2, 12/2017: New feature: badges for discontinued products
  • Version 3.1.1, 08/2017: Refacturing
  • Version 3.1.0, 04/2017: Use of Joomla! Update System
  • Version 3.0.6, 01/2017: Chhnges in the documentation; minor bugfix for category badges
  • Version 3.0.5, 10/2016: input validation for product IDs and category IDs; other minor changes
  • Version 3.0.4, 08/2016: CSS changes
  • Version 3.0.3, 07/2016: Removal of "strict standards notices"; option for caching badged products
  • Version 3.0.2, 08/2015: Support for loading a page via AJAX
  • Version 3.0.1, 04/2015: Minor bugfixes
  • Version 3.0.0, 09/2014: First release of the plugin compatible with Joomla!2.5/3 and Virtuemart 2.x/3.x

System requirements: Joomla! 2.5/3/4/5, Virtuemart 2/3/4

Supported languages: english, spanish, portuguese, german, slovenian, russian, slovak, czech, serbian

Please unpack the zip-file on your local computer. The included installation.pdf contains a description of the necessary installation steps.

After completed order and payment you'll get:

  • An e-mail containg the download link, a licence key and the invoice. The download link is valid for 12 months, can be used 10 times and always points to the current verison of the extension.
  • Access to the extension and your invoice in your account (if you have registered).
  • Automatic updates via the Joomla! Update System (you have to enter the licence key in the extension)
  • Support for 12 months (by personal mail).