BIT FB Pixel for Virtuemart

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Version 1.1.8

This plugin inserts your Facebook Pixel Code in order to track events on your site.


  • insertion of pixel base code on every page
  • insertion of the standard event "ViewContent" on product detail pages (tracking of product name, SKU, sales price and currency)
  • insertion of the standard event "AddToCart" on cart page (tracking of SKUs, sales price and currency)
  • insertion of the standard event "Purchase" after completed order (tracking of SKUs or Virtuemart product IDs, billtotal and currency)
  • insertion of the standard event "Search" for Virtuemart search (tracking of search phrase)
  • Version 1.1.8, 09/2022: SEO optimization, replacement of deprecated Joomla! methods
  • Version 1.1.7, 04/2020: AddToCart event readded (optional)
  • Version 1.1.6, 12/2019: better format for prices; removal of AddToCart event
  • Version 1.1.5, 05/2019: Select either SKU or product ID für the transfer to Facebook; more support for 3rd party OPC; no transfer of price value for products with no price (e.g. main products with variants)
  • Version 1.1.4, 11/2018: Addition of standard event "Search" for Virtuemart search
  • Version 1.1.3, 01/2018: Changes in AddToCart event in order to support older Virtuemart versions
  • Version 1.1.2, 09/2017: Addition of price and currency for product detail pages
  • Version 1.1.1, 05/2017: Refacturing
  • Version 1.1.0, 03/2017: Use of the Joomla! Update System
  • Version 1.0.0, 02/2017: First release of the plugin

Supported languages: english, german

System requirements: Joomla3, Virtuemart 3.x

Please unpack the zip-file on your local computer. The included installation.pdf contains a description of the setup.

After completed order and payment you'll get:

  • An e-mail containg the download link, a licence key and the invoice. The download link is valid for 12 months, can be used 10 times and always points to the current verison of the extension.
  • Access to the extension and your invoice in your account (if you have registered).
  • Automatic updates via the Joomla! Update System (you have to enter the licence key in the extension)
  • Support for 12 months (by personal mail).